About Us

US Authentication is a private firm registered in the state of Virginia. US Authentication is also a member of the Better Business Bureau in Washington DC and has an A- rating. US Authentication abides by the highest standards of customer service, professionalism and ethics.

The mission of US Authentication is to assist clients by getting their documents certified in a timely manner as required by law and to protect the confidentiality and safety of the documents belonging to its clients.

The company was started by its founder when trying to assist a friend to carry out the Document Authentication process through the respective Government Authorities and Foreign Embassies. He realized there was a market for these services and did a further study of the process and requirements for the various types of documents.  With positive reviews and stellar customer service, US Authentication has earned the trust of its clients and a reputation for superior service.

US Authentication Services has individual and corporate clients from around the world including Multinational firms who utilize their services to get legal, corporate and employee documents certified. The expertise of the staff employed at US Authentication Services ensures the clients get the correct advice to get their documents certified and in the fastest time possible. Many times, the correct guidance can ensure the clients have all the information before initiating the process on their documents.

Not only does US Authentication give expert guidance and information about the correct process, but ensures the execution of the process and getting the documents certified by the respective authorities. The biggest priority for US Authentication is to ensure the safety of your documents and getting them completed correctly and in a timely manner.

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