Document Authentication

Are you in need of getting your documents authenticated or attested, whether you are an individual or corporate client?  Do you need to present your document in a foreign country, where they have asked for this process to be completed?  We can help!

Document authentication is a four step process whereby a document obtains the necessary certifications from government agencies and the respective Embassy of the country in which the documents needs to be presented in. An important thing to keep in mind is that this process is applicable for countries that are not a member of the Hague convention. Some examples of countries which require this process are China, Brazil, GCC countries such as (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain), Canada, Ethiopia, Algeria and many more. For a complete list of countries, please visit:


Document Authentication can be needed for many reasons.  For example, if someone is moving to another country for employment, the new employer may require documents such as his/her diploma and police clearance to go through this process.  Should he have a wife/children accompany him in the move, the marriage and birth certificates may need to be certified as well. Corporations and businesses require their commercial documents to be certified when entering into agreements with foreign companies, establishing an international branch office, shipping commercial goods, etc.

There are many other scenarios as well.  Someone may own property in another country and need to sell it.  If he or she is not currently in that country, they can grant a power for someone in that country to help him.  In this case, the power of attorney may need to be authenticated.

The document authentication process itself can be quite lengthy in time, especially if the person does not live in the Washington DC area.  The document requires a State level authentication, then Federal level followed by the Embassy legalization stamp.  The Federal level authentication involves the US Department of State authentication, and this step itself can take an extended time to process depending on current processing times.

This is where we would come in and assist our clients.  Not only do we offer the service of obtaining the Document Authentication for our clients and eliminate the need for them execute this process but our experienced staff is there to assist you from the start to through the finish. With highly experienced staff members familiar with the legal and Embassy requirements for the various countries, we can guide you through the specific requirements and provide useful suggestions for your requirements which will ensure you meet the requirements saving you valuable time and money.

As we are located in the Washington DC area, we take each document in person to the respective State/Federal and Embassy offices in DC.  This significantly reduces the processing time for our clients, as we can obtain the US State Department authentication stamp in just 3-5 business days.  The total processing time will vary for each client, as Embassy time frames are different depending on which country.

If you are in need of our professional services to execute this process and get your documents authenticated or have further questions, please visit us at or email us at

We look forward to assisting you in getting your documents processed in a timely and correct manner. Our expert staff can assist you in getting your questions answered and provide you a free quote and a timeline.

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