Prepare for Your Trip to China with Document Attestation

A trip to China is a dream for many people, but if your dream is about more than just making a quick visit, you may need to go through additional steps before you head out on your travels. Just like in the United States, if you intend on seeking employment, starting a business, getting married, purchasing real estate, or establishing residency in China, you need specific documents to verify your identity and other personal and professional details. This verification, however, is not as easy as taking the documents out of your personal files and bringing them along with you to China. In order for them to be recognized as authentic and legal in China, you must have your documents formally legalized. This process is referred to as attestation.

Legalization of documents for China is a process you complete before you embark on your travels. This attestation is the formal verification that all of the information contained within the documents is complete, accurate, and legal, and that the documents were properly obtained, drawn up, and authenticated in the United States. Essentially, this process demonstrates to China that the documents you present are completely genuine, legal, and appropriate for the specific actions you wish to complete in the other country.

Attestation of documents from USA starts with getting the proper documents from the appropriate departments or agencies. The process of attestation does not make documents legal, meaning you cannot bring photocopies or improperly drawn-up documents for attestation and have them "made legal" through the process. Instead, attestation confirms that the documents are legal according to the terms and standards set forth by the other country.

Once the appropriate documents have been obtained and are verified authentic and legal by the appropriate organizations, such as the State Department, they must be submitted to the embassy of the country of destination along with an attestation request. Using document attestation services from an experienced and licensed company takes the confusion and concern out of this process. While you may have a difficult time obtaining your documents, submitting them to the embassy, and obtaining the proper attestation within the time frame necessary to ensure your documents are ready before you are set to travel, our professional services simplify the entire experience for you.

Our authentication and legalization service ensures you have everything you need throughout the entire attestation process. From the moment you contact us about your situation until you are on the plane ready for the next chapter in your life, our professionals are here to make sure your questions are answered and your deadlines are kept. Whether you need attestation for a will, Power of Attorney, transcripts and degrees, birth and marriage certificates, or business documents, we can expedite your process and ensure you get your documents with plenty of time for your travels.

Contact us to find out more about our attestation services and get started on the process.

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