What is Document Attestation?

Document Attestation is a name which is used interchangeably with Document Authentication outside the United States. Basically the process is the same and is used to refer to a person or usually on official attesting to the signature of an individual or an official who has signed on the document.

Document attestation starts with the certification of a document at the state level.

An important note for clients located outside of the United States is that, you should have your vital documents such as Marriage and Birth Certificates certified by the Secretary of the state at the time of issue if you are in a position to do so or have a friend or family member carry out that process for you . This will save you a lot of time down the road in getting your documents certified for use in an international country.

Many international clients and corporations rely on US Authentication Services where the expert staff is familiar with the requirements and timelines for getting documents certified for use in countries all over the world. Using the advice of a professional  can lead to not only the correct documents to be used as per your requirements but can save you valuable time and money when you are in need of getting your foreign residence established or entering into a foreign agreement with a corporation outside the United States.

Common types of documents attested include University Diplomas and degrees, Vital documents such as marriage and birth certificates, Power of Attorney’s, Background checks, Articles of incorporation, Board Resolutions, Appointment of Directors, Partnership and Corporate Agreements and many more.

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