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International Travel/Business Incorporation Requirements – Knowing What Documents Need Authentication

Whether you are traveling, moving, or incorporating a business abroad, knowing the type of documents which will need to be submitted to the foreign government is the first step in initiating the certification process on your documents. However, if you are not sure of which documents are required by the foreign government, you may run into delays. The most commonly misunderstood part of the international process is which documents require US Authentication services or Apostille services.

In order to understand which documents require either Department of State Authentication or Apostille services, here is a list of documents and some basics about the Authentication and Apostille process that should answer most of your questions:

First – What is Authentication and Apostille verification of Documents?

Pursuant to The Hague Convention of 1961, and after subscribing to this document verification process in 1981, all individuals who wish to submit US issued documents to countries which are a party to the Hague Convention require the appropriate Apostille seals on the documents. The international countries must have all legal documents verified as being valid by the either the US Department of State for documents which are federally issued or by the respective Secretary of States where the document was issued for non Federal issued documents. This process streamlines the verification process and allows any country to verify the authenticity of the documents.

For countries that do not require Apostille verification, US Authentication service, handles the Authentication and Embassy legalization procedure for your documents. Our satisfied customers include individuals and corporations which utilize our services to ensure their important documents such as birth certificates, school and medical records, local, state of federal court records, power of attorney and FBI Criminal Background checks are certified correctly as per the requirements and are ready for international use.

Second – What type of Documents Need to Be Verified?

The list below includes the most common types of documents which are required to be certified by our clients. This list is just for reference and we recommend you to confirm what documents you are required to submit.

  • Documents that are filed by local, county, state of federal court system.
  • Documents that are filed by government agency (again – local, county, state of federal offices)
  • Any official documents or certificates including Birth/Death Certificates, school diplomas, marriage license/divorce decree
  • Any sort of business documentation for international business proceedings.
  • Commercial documentation: this includes any partnership agreements, Incorporation documentation, Articles of Association, Corporate meeting minutes or other corporate or commercial documents used for international business.
  • Authentication of Documents issued by US Federal Government agencies including the FBI, Department of State, and any FBI Fingerprint Clearance or Police Clearance certificates.

Third – What is the time period for having documents Authenticated or Apostille by the US Department of State?

There are a few different steps to having documents Authenticated or obtain an Apostille seal by the US Department of State. The Apostille process is usually completed in 3-5 days by getting the document certified by the US Department of State. The timeline to get documents certified by the Secretary of State varies state by state. For documents which require the Authentication or Embassy legalization process, the first step includes Document Notarization, Secretary of State Documentation, and US Department of State Authentication which tends to take between 3-5 business days approximately. If the documents require Embassy Legalization times can and often vary depending on the country of use. Please review our FAQ for additional questions regarding the authentication of documents.

We are a leading and reliable resource for clients with US issued documents in the United States all over the world to have their documents Authenticated by the US Dept of State and the International Embassies in the United States. With years of experience and by maintaining a presence in Washington DC, we are licensed and ready get the certification process initiated on your behalf. We invite you to read testimonials from our clients at the testimonials page.

We are one of the best resources for busy US residents to have their documents Authenticated for international use. With years of experience and field offices in Washington DC, we are licensed and ready to submit your important documents to the Department of State on your behalf.

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