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US Authentication Services handles document certification for personal and corporate documents. We serve individuals and corporations by having documents certified by the US State and Federal Departments, and by Foreign Embassies for submission outside the United States.

Employing our services as an expert Document Apostille, Authentication and Embassy Legalization company can not only expedite the legalization process, but also give you the assurance that your documents have been processed in the correct manner as required by government authorities all over the world. We handle it all for you! Please review the descriptions for personal and corporate documents on this page to get more information.

We are a licensed professional firm, based in Washington D.C., with services that include:

Why Use Our Services?

  • We save you valuable time in researching the various State, Federal and Foreign Embassy regulations
  • We are experts in the field and carry out the certification process per the exact requirements
  • We expedite the processing time to have documents certified because we submit your documents in person to the authorities versus by mail
  • We are located in Washington DC so we save you the need to travel here to submit documents at the US State Department and Embassies
  • We act as your agent and handle your documents no matter where you are located
  • You mail us the documents and we take care of the entire process accurately and efficiently!

Individual Documents

We serve clients including US Citizens, Residents, International Students, Teaching Candidates & Families looking to move outside the United States to get educational, vital, legal and personal documents certified. For example, moving of the country can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful transition; especially for individuals or families who need to present documents for legal purposes. Many of these documents need to be certified and approved by governmental authorities at both the state and federal level. Authenticating and verifying documents to move abroad is a time-consuming task. Why not let someone else handle the logistics for you, so you can concentrate on your move?

Do not allow any unnecessary delays in Document Apostille, Authentication and Embassy Legalization to get in the way of your commitments. Contact us today to learn about the wide variety of services that we can offer you. We’re competitively priced and we offer expedited services to get you legally settled in your new host country in as little time as possible.

Corporate Customers

Corporate organizations all over United States, and globally, entrust us with their legal documents to get them certified accurately and in a timely manner. The experience and expertise of the team here at US Authentication Services allows us to help corporations gather the legal documents necessary for expanding their business internationally. All of this is done with precise handling to protect your sensitive documents and guard your personal information.
We handle the legalization process for your corporate documents such as:

  • Trade and Partnership Agreements
  • Appointment of Agents
  • Board Resolutions
  • Incorporation documents
  • Tax and Federal documents
  • and many more

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