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Timing matters when it comes to getting your documents certified, and it is equally important that the process be accurate and affordable. US Authentication Services can assist you in completing the requirements for document apostilles and authentications in an expedient manner. Located in the Washington, D.C. area, we have the advantage and ability to get your documents certified quickly. For example, we can obtain the US Department of State apostille/authentication within just 4-5 business days. We make it simple and efficient.

Individuals, corporations, even governmental organizations, need document authentication and apostille services. Unfortunately, determining what international government agencies require of you when executing the process can be frustrating. Employing the assistance of an authentication service can reduce the stress and unnecessary research. The knowledgeable staff at US Authentication Services can assist you in a confidential manner in the following ways:

Services we provide:

  • Document Apostilles and Authentication
  • Document Authentication
  • Embassy Legalization
  • Secretary of State Certification
  • US Department of State Certification (Apostille and Authentication)

Documents we assist with:

  • Birth/Marriage Certificates
  • Educational Documents
  • FBI background checks
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Commercial Documents
  • Company Agreements/Letters
  • And much more!

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Please note: We are not affiliated with the US Department of State or any other State or local Government agency. Our services are utilized by clients for our expertise about the document certification requirements for personal, commercial and legal documents, as well as for expediting the process. Alternatively, as the certification services are offered by the Federal and State Government agencies to the general public, you can also carry out the certification process yourself by obtaining the requirements from the respective Government websites listed below or visiting the agency offices in person.

Applying via US Authentication Services:

To place an order for the Apostille or Authentication Process using our services, please visit our place order page or use the quote request form on this page.

Applying independently to the Government agencies:

To carry out certifications on federal documents independently through the US Department of State, their fee is $8. Please visit:

To carry out certifications on state documents independently through the District of Columbia Government, their fee is $15. Please visit:

To carry out the State Certification requirements independently from the District of Columbia Government please visit:

If you are interested in obtaining information about the secretary of state of any state in United States, please visit:

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