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Affordable Apostille and Documentation Authentication Service Rates

Below you will find the rates and fees for Apostille and Document Authentication services. To get started with processing services request a free quote now.

Apostille Service Rates - Federal

Step Description Fee
1. US Department of State Apostille $8.00
Service Fees for Federal Apostille: $47.00
Timeframe for Federal Apostille Services: Approximately 4-5 business days

Apostille Service Rates - Washington, D.C.

Step Description Fee
1. Document Notarization $5.00 (Washington, D.C. Notary)
2. D.C. Secretary of State Apostille $15.00 (Washington D.C. Secretary of State)*
Service Fees for Washington, D.C. Apostille: $45.00
Timeframe for Apostille Service: Approximately 3 business days

Authentication Service Rates

Step Description Fee
1. Document Notarization $5.00 (Washington, D.C. Notary)
2. Secretary of State Authentication $15.00 (Washington, D.C. Secretary of State)*
3. US Department of State Authentication $8.00
4. Embassy Legalization Varies by embassy, please contact us for a free quote.
Service Fees for State Department and Embassy (Steps 3&4 only): $120.00
Service Fees for full process (Steps 1-4): $150.00 for the first document (additional documents are discounted at a lower rate)
Timeframe for Authentication Services:
Steps 1 through 3: Can be completed in approximately 5 business days
Step 4: Timeframe varies by embassy. Please contact us for a free quote and embassy processing times

*Please Note: State Government issued documents will need to be certified by the Secretary of the State before they can be presented to the US Department of State for authentication. We request that you obtain the certification from the Secretary of State where the document has been issued.

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