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  1. A Service Order Form is required for every order. An order will be processed for either the Apostille or Authentication process as per the country name noted on the order form. The procedures for either the Apostille process or Authentication process will be followed as per guidelines provided by the US Department of State AND requirements as dictated by the Embassies of the respective countries for which authentication is being requested (does not include OFAC sanctioned countries). The guidelines by the US State Department can be found on the internet at:
  2. Please complete a separate order form for each country if certification is being requested for multiple countries. If an incorrect payment amount is included or authorized for credit card payment on the order form, customers will be contacted for the difference in the amount before the order can be processed. US Authentication Services is not responsible for orders where an incorrect description of the document (including current seals and signatures) which needs certification was provided. US Authentication is not responsible for lost or delayed mail and encourages customers to use mail/package tracking mechanisms while sending or receiving documents to and from US Authentication Services. US Authentication Services takes every effort to process your order in an expedited manner. However, we are not responsible for delays in processing times at the respective government agencies and foreign embassies.
  3. US Authentication Services is not responsible for rejection of any document by any government agency or embassy. All certifications are at the discretion of the respective agency/embassy.
  4. For payments that are being drafted outside the United States Of America, the funds must be payable in the form of a certified check or money order payable in US Dollars.

Refund Policy

  1. Customers have the ability to request refunds or cancel the order from the time of ordering until the documents have arrived at US Authentication Services.
  2. Once the certification process has initiated and if an order is cancelled, US Authentication reserves the right to refuse any refunds for the service fees charged by US Authentication Services.
  3. For any cancelled orders, US Authentication Services reserves the right to issue refunds for the service fees charged by Government Departments & Foreign Embassies, document preparation charges and mailing services related to the order which have not yet been initiated by US Authentication Services.
  4. For any errors in the certification process which are proved to be the negligence of US Authentication Services and contradictory to the order placed, a full refund will be issued to the customer.

Shipping Policy

  1. Customers are requested to include a pre-paid return envelope with the address where the documents are to be shipped to.
  2. Customers are encouraged to use a tracking mechanism when sending documents to US Authentication Services and for the pre-paid return.
  3. If a return envelope or label has not been provided, this will result in a delay in sending out the completed document. US Authentication Services will contact the client to provide us a pre-paid return label accordingly.
  4. US Authentication will not process orders or ship documents to countries or individuals which fall under the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanction program.

For customer service, please email US Authentication Services at An agent will respond to your questions or concerns in 24 hours.

For any urgent issues, customer service can also be contacted at 703-971-7226.

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