The Alternative Method to Authenticating a Document

The alternative method to Authenticating documents is called Embassy legalization. This process is used for the countries that choose not to be members of the Hague Convention. Those countries don’t accept or recognize an Apostille. Since they don’t accept Apostilles you will need to have your documents go through the embassy legalization process instead. This means the documents will have to be certified by the highest levels of the Government prior to being certified by the respective Embassies in the country of origin.

What Does the Embassy Legalization Process Include?

In most cases documents that require Embassy Legalization need to be notarized by a solicitor notary or public notary, as well as authentication from the Secretary of State, or the US State Department. The type of document that needs to be legalized is going to dictate whether it needs authentication from the at the State level by the Offices of the Secretary of State prior to being submitted to the US State Department Office of Authentications. Once this has been deciphered, then the document needs to be viewed by the embassy in the country of origin. The process of obtaining this type of legalization can be very complicated. This is due to the fact that each foreign country may have specific requirements for supporting documentation, fees and procedures

Let the Professionals Handle All of the Hard Work

We recommend that let the professionals handle all the hard work on your behalf. They can also give you the professional advice you need concerning the steps required to legalize your documents. Since they know more about the process they are also able to accelerate the legalization procedure giving you both peace of mind and speedy service. They can provide you with unique expert services that save you valuable time and money.

Attestation Services Can Help Reduce the Risk of Rejections of documents in your host country

Document certification requires a particular process that has to be followed when submitting official documents to foreign governments in order to visit, move or conduct business in foreign lands. The process requires documents to undergo chain authentication at the State and Federal levels and the Embassy of the respective country. Regardless, a person intending to visit another country or contemplating a moving overseas, it is essential to have all the right documentation in order before traveling.

If you are a contemplating a move to the United Arab Emirates or expanding your business there, you want to take the necessary steps required that all your paperwork is authenticated to ensure your residence visa or work permit is processed in a timely manner. To process a work permit or sponsor a residence visa for you and your family in UAE you will be required to produce documents such as a Diploma(s), Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates respectively. Business set up also requires the authentication of corporate documents related to the US entity.

To ensure your US issued documents are accepted in UAE by the immigration authorities they need to be legalized. The process involves Authentication by the Secretary of State followed by Authentication by the US Department of State followed by Legalization of documents from the UAE Embassy in Washington DC as the final step in the United States. A company that offers UAE attestation services can help you obtain the verification that you need before traveling abroad. From working with the respective State Secretary office to the UAE Embassy, you can have peace of mind when you select the right company.

How is the Process Completed to Obtain Certification?

When you require attestation, it can be a time-consuming process. Especially, when you do not know the right steps that you need to take to ensure your documents are approved. You do not want to risk the chance of a vital step being missed that can jeopardize your chance of entering another country. You will need to gather all the important documentations that you require UAE Attestation Services for and contact the company you are hiring for the job. Once gathered you ship the documents to them where they will initiate the process for your order when received. After they have completed the process, the documents will be shipped to the requested destination.

Get Started Today with a Free Quote from a Trusted Company

Representatives of US Authentication Services understand the importance of having your documents fully verified before traveling to another country. They will work with you to make sure the necessary steps are taken to authenticate your documents in the correct manner. If you anticipate traveling or conducting business in another country including the UAE, contact them for a free quote on their certification services.

Are you Traveling or Relocating to Another Country? Make Sure Your Documents Are Authenticated

When moving to another country, it can be a bit stressful preparing for your move. From where you will be staying to packing the essential items that you will need, you do not want to forget anything before you depart to another country. Whether you require a visa for a study abroad program or to work in a foreign country, it is vital to have the right documentation verified to ensure you are in the country legally. While you tend to prepare for your trip, you should consider hiring a company that offers embassy legalization to make sure your official paperwork is in order.

Documents that could require Certification when traveling or moving abroad

  • Background checks
  • Transcripts
  • Birth and Marriage Certificates
  • Diplomas

For Corporations setting up an office internationally may require documents such as:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • State and Federal Documents
  • Board Resolutions
  • Commercial Agreements

Please be sure to consult your attorney or recruiter to confirm the documents required in the intended country of use.

Importance of Legalizing Your Documentation

Whether you visiting or conducting business in another country, you want to make sure you have the right documents. Embassy legalization is a way to show that you are entering the country for legal reasons. There is a process that has to be followed, from being certified by the Secretary of State to the Federal government. It is vital to have the documentation verified to ensure you stay in the country is legal.

Save Money and Time by Hiring a Trusted Company

Getting your documents certified could take a longer time if the documents are not certified in the correct order and could lead to rejections by the authorities. A representative of US Authentication Services offers their clients the convenience of having their documents certified for them. They can deliver you with fast and dependable service by knowing which entity of the government body has to provide their approval. Why should you waste valuable time and money when a reliable company can complete the process for you?

China Bound? Don’t Forget to Authenticate Your Legal Documents

Authenticate Your Legal DocumentsAny legal documents that originated in the US must be properly legalized, or authenticated, prior to being used in China. Examples of documents that might need to be authenticated include (but are not limited to) birth certificates, marriage certificates, higher education diplomas, and professional qualifications or certifications.

Since China is not a member of the Hague Convention, apostille is not considered an acceptable way to authenticate documents for use in the country. Instead, the documents must go through a three part process that is referred to as authentication. These steps are outlined below:

  1. Notarization. Non-government issued documents such as professional certifications, power of attorney, and bank letters must first be notarized. Government-issued documents such as birth certificates do not require notarization assuming you possess a certified copy that was obtained from the state in which you reside (or did reside).
  2. State Certification. With notarized or certified copies in hand, the Secretary of State Office must then certify the notary seal or certified copy by adding a statement page. Some states require that a county clerk first certify the notary seal as well. Some states also require certification at the federal level for additional authentication. This is referred to as requesting authentication from the US Department of State.
  3. Consulate Authentication. The next step is to bring or send the certified documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. The signatures and seal of the Secretary of State Office are verified and then the document is authenticated for use in China.

These are the basic steps required to authenticate official documents for recognition in China. From finding employment to securing housing, these documents must be authenticated prior to being accepted as legal documentation in China.

This process requires multiple trips to various government entities at both the state and federal level. You can mail these items but it takes a lot longer than hand delivering the documents at each step along the journey. One of the easiest ways to obtain legalization of documents for China is to hire a professional authentication services company. US Authentication Services offers document legalization services in Washington, DC and can deliver your important documents to every appropriate entity in the authentication process. This ensures that everything is done right the first time and it saves you a lot of time too.

If you want to learn more about how US Authentication Services can streamline the authentication of your documents for use in China, give us a call at 1-800-890-5807 or contact us for a FREE QUOTE today.

Legalizing Documents for the UAE

When traveling to the UAE for anything more than just a quick vacation, there’s a good chance you will need to bring legal documents with you. When applying for employment, searching for housing, or attempting to reside in the UAE for any length of time, specific documents are required that need to be properly legalized so as to be recognized by the UAE government.

How to Get Your Diploma, Transcript, Birth Certificate, Marriage License, and Power of Attorney Certified and Attested

Any documents that have been issued by the US government or an institution based in the United States must be authenticated by the US Department of State Office of Authentications, located in Washington, DC.

The first step is to attest and certify the document (or documents) with a notary. Once properly notarized, the document can be legalized at the local Secretary of State office. With the authenticated documents in hand, these items can be brought to the Embassy of the UAE. Each authenticated document must be accompanied by the appropriate fee payable to the UAE Embassy. This process is known as the attestation of documents for the UAE.

Choosing an Authentication Service for Certification and Attestation

While it’s entirely possible to handle the legalization of documents for the UAE on your own, it isn’t always feasible or cost-effective to do so. You may already be living in the UAE and the costs associated with traveling back to the US to authenticate your documents is too expensive. Or, the time required to bring these documents to the appropriate offices may not fit into your busy schedule.

In either case, hiring an authentication service is the best way to legalize your important documents. US Authentication Services handles the document authentication process from start to finish so you don’t have to waste time traveling between government offices. Another advantage to our services is that your document authentication is expedited because we hand deliver every document to the appropriate office. This is much faster than mailing your documents in for authentication.

If you would like to learn more about the document authentication services we offer, call us at 1-800-893-5807 or for international callers, dial 1-703-971-7226. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the entire process while giving you the personal attention you deserve.

Getting Attestation for Your Educational Documents When Seeking Employment

One of the primary goals of any journey through higher education is to prepare you for the career of your choice. Many employers require proof of completing a particular course of education and receiving legitimate certification of such education in order to qualify for a position. If you are seeking employment in the United States, you can generally request official copies of these documents and this is plenty for your prospective employer. Seeking employment in another country, however, requires extra steps.

Though employers within the United States recognize the authenticity of documents from original organizations and schools, other countries require further verification in order to consider these documents legitimate. This is referred to as attestation and is simply the extra steps that prove to the other country that the documents were drafted, obtained, and earned properly and legally. Much like notarizing in the United States, the attestation seal is enough for the other country to accept the documentation when submitted for purposes such as relocation and employment.

Though there are several types of attestation, all require you to submit specific documents and supporting evidence to show that the document is legitimate. In addition to getting the US degree attestation your may be required to submit additional documents in the host country which may include:

  • Original copies of certificates
  • Passport
  • Copy of the degree
  • Copy of the visa
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of residency

Unless otherwise noted when you are going through the steps for attesting documents, all copies of documentation should be official or certified copies. The specific requirements of seeking employment are different from country to country, and not following the steps and fulfilling each requirement properly and completely could result in frustrating delays and even denial of access to the other country or permission to seek employment. This is why seeking help for degree and diploma attestation services is so valuable.

When you start considering getting a job in another country, get in touch with us so we can go over the attestation requirements for that country and help you come up with a timeline so you are sure all of your documents are properly attested and received in plenty of time for your prospective employer’s deadline. Our team can talk you through all of these requirements, explain to you which of the steps you must handle on your own and which we will handle for you. For the most part, you collect the proper documents and then bring or send them to us. We will then act as your representative, putting your degree and other documents on the fast track to attestation so the wait is as short as possible and your documents are back in your hands and ready for submission quickly.

Understanding Document Authentication in Your Situation

Documentation is a reality of life and a critical part of many transactions and decisions. Within the United States it is relatively easy and straightforward to get the documents you need and ensure they are authentic. If you intend of using your personal, commercial, or legal documents in other countries, however, you have to go through additional steps to verify their legality and authenticity. Unfortunately, this process can get complex, confusing, and time-consuming, making it something you should definitely not leave until the last minute. If you plan on traveling to another country in the near future for business or academic purposes, will be getting married in another country, or are going to relocate to another country for the foreseeable future, it is essential you start getting your documents in place as soon as possible so you do not encounter problems that could cause your trip to be delayed.

One of the most important things to realize about the verification of documents is that not all situations are the same and the needs of each country are not the same. This means you need to carefully evaluate where you will be traveling to and why you are traveling so you know that you are getting the properly verification. For example, you need to know the difference between Department of State authentication, Embassy legalization, and Apostille certificates and when they are applicable so you know how to proceed.

To make the entire process easier, we offer document legalization services customized to your specific needs. Instead of you trying to figure out what type of verification you need, how to process the documents, and when to turn in your requests, you can trust our licensed and experienced professionals to handle every step of the process. You simply order your document authentication services and let us handle the rest. Because we understand the processes we are able to tell you whether you need an Apostille stamp or authentication based on your destination country and then how to put in these requests. We will guide you through every step of the process and handle most of it in an expedited manner without you having to do any of it so all you need to do is keep planning your trip.

Here are some of the situations in which you will need document authentication:

  • If you are relocating to another country for temporary or permanent residence
  • If you are seeking employment in another country or plan on starting a business in another country and need to show experience
  • If you plan on teaching English as a Second Language in a foreign school
  • If you need to verify your role as Power of Attorney while in another country
  • If you need to show a will or other document in order to settle the estate of a deceased loved one in another country
  • If you plan on going to school in another country and need to show your transcripts, diploma, or degree to transfer credits and gain admittance into the program
  • If you are planning on marrying in another country and need to show your birth certificate or the birth certificates of your children for visa and residence purposes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask any questions so that we can clarify the entire process for you. We can help you understand the purpose of legalization of documents, guide you through determining which documents you may need, and tell you what documents you need to get from which departments and organizations so you can start the process. Let us make sure you are ready for your trip in plenty of time so you can just relax and handle the other aspects of planning.

Prepare for Your Move to the UAE with Document Legalization

Planning a move to the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is exciting, but it is not as simple as packing a suitcase, hopping on a plane, and heading on to your new life. Unlike moving to another city, another state, or even some other countries, you must obtain legal documentation before gaining permission to move to the UAE. This document authentication is not always easy and can be time-consuming. Using our authentication services streamlines the process so you can feel confident you are ready for the next chapter in your life.

Knowing what documents are needed when moving to the UAE is the first step in getting everything in place to make your big move. Whether you plan to live in the UAE temporarily or this is a change for the long term, you need the proper document legalization.

Necessary documents include:

  • Resident visa
  • Family visa if you are traveling with your parents, spouse, or children
  • Passport – be aware that there are limitations as to who is permitted to enter the UAE and that they may deny you entrance if your passport shows entrance into some countries.
  • Health card obtained after a medical test

When you are ready to obtain the documents you need for your travel, get in touch with us so we can simplify and expedite legalization of documents for UAE emigration. Tell us the country where you are planning to move so we can explain all of the document requirements and ensure you meet the qualifications for the particular documents you need. We also provide a timeline to ensure you meet your document needs before your planned move date.

The primary goal behind our services is to simplify the process of getting your documents authenticated and your visa processed so you can obtain these documents faster. We do this by bringing your travel documents to the embassy of your intended destination and dropping them off personally rather than mailing them. We then pick them up and verify the visa to ensure you are ready to go.

Why You Need a Professional Service for the Authentication of Documents

Have you been asked to go through the document legalization process for an overseas job or another corporate reason? It might seem overwhelming to understand the steps that you need to follow in order to obtain authenticated documents, but don’t worry because you don’t need to do everything on your own! Here at US Authentication Services, we offer a full-service program to take care of this process from start to finish. You don’t need to lift a finger! Simply call us with the details, and we will take care of everything for you.

What is the Authentication of Documents?

This process is requested by various companies in order to ensure that the documents you are providing are accurate and valid. There are many situations where people attempt to provide false documents, which is why the businesses request the verification process to ensure that your paperwork is accurate. With this paperwork, they are verifying your work eligibility as well as other information such as the date/place of birth and whether or not you obtained your diploma.

When requesting  US Department of State Certification, you will need to talk with someone in the Office of Authentications at the US Department of State to have a government official can sign the document to provide the verification that is needed. In some cases, you might work with a Notary Public who signs the document to ensure the validity.

How To Authenticate Documents?

When you are requesting authentication services from US Department of State, someone needs to be present to stand in line in order to gain the authentication that is needed. You don’t need to fly to Washington DC to take care of this process, because we will handle it for you! Simply mail us the information that is needed, you are provided with a quote and an explanation of the process which we will initiate to get your documents certified. Once you send us all the required documentation, we will take the documents to the applicable agencies in Washington DC, stand in line and obtain the proper authorizations for your documents.

Once the documents are certified, we will quickly mail the documents back to you to offer a fast turnaround time. Contact us today to learn more about the authentication services that are available from our company.

Document Authentication Services Can Save You Time and Headaches

Planning to move outside the US? Prepare for extensive document verification procedures then! When moving to a foreign country, intensive verification procedures must be undergone by the individual to ensure a smooth legal transition. This includes the attestation and authentication of documents by various agencies of the government.

While the process may not seem daunting at first, once you embark on your quest todocument authentication get all those diplomas and legal documents verified through both the federal and state agencies, and then the foreign embassy, you will begin to get an idea of the amount of time and effort that the process entails.

One of the primary issues is the location. Most embassies and the necessary government departments, through which various steps of document authentication are performed, are located in Washington DC. For attestation of documents, you will either need to be physically present at the DC offices, or go through a cumbersome process of repeatedly mailing and receiving your documents to and from various state, federal, and foreign agencies. Let’s take a look at the actual steps involved during document authentication.

The Chain Authentication Process

Basically a long paper chase involving the circulation of your documents through a series of government departments, while subsequent steps of certification and authentication of documents take place at each agency in a chronological order.

  • Authentication by Secretary of State where the documents are issued or get notarized.
  • Once certification from Secretary of State is obtained, US State Department authentication is obtained.
  • Embassy legalization process is undergone; the process varying depending upon the country of destination.

The aforementioned steps are generalized to give you an idea of what awaits you once you set out on the mission for document authentication. The process differs as per the types of documents you need to get attested. If, for example, you need to get a document authenticated that has been issued by a US District Court, you will also need to get an authentication seal on the documents from the US Department of Justice. If the country you are going to comes under The Hague Convention Treaty, you will need an Apostille. Certain countries require either a certificate of ‘Good Conduct’ or a Criminal Background check.

Save Yourself the Trouble!

At this point, the entire authentication and attestation of documents probably seems like a huge hassle; and you must be considering ways to make the whole process easier. Well, fret not! At US Authentication Services, we offer services that will enable you to get complete peace of mind while also saving you the effort and time that is generally required when one sets out for the authentication of documents before leaving the country. Our one-of-a-kind document authentication services ensure that all you have to do to complete the process from start to end; FedEx us the documents, and we will get them all authenticated and delivered right back to your doorstep.

Serving the industry for the last 3 years, we at US Authentication Services have developed an ironclad reputation for being able to authenticate and deliver client documents in the least amount of time possible.

Whether you need an Apostille, or need to get your educational diplomas certified, we guarantee a streamlined process through our reputed document authentication services without you needing to lift a finger once the documents are sent!