Be Ready for Your Adventure with Attestation

When going abroad, formal documentation is essential for proving your identity and confirming your credentials. Just bringing these documents along with you, however, is not always enough. You must be able to demonstrate that those documents are completely authentic and prepared to all of the specifications of the law. Attestation of documents is the process that verifies you executed each document legally and that it is an authentic and genuine copy so the government of the country you are visiting knows it and the information contained within are real.

The documents you need to bring with you depends on where you are going and why. A brief visit, for example, may only require basic identification papers. If you are moving to another country, visiting for a longer period, or going to study abroad, however, you need more extensive documentation to verify your identity, marriage, legal relationships, and education.

Documents you may need attested prior to traveling include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Degrees
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Adoption certificates

If you are traveling for business purposes, you may also need attestation of commercial documents such as:

  • Commercial agreements
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Good Standing

Attestation is not required for visits to all countries, but is an essential step when preparing for travel to:

  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • China

Using licensed attestation services in USA makes the process of preparing for your travels faster and prevents frustrating delays. Whether you need attestation for documents for UAE emigration, authentication of educational documents for studying abroad to China, or attestation for other travels, get in touch with us so we can guide you through the entire process. From explaining the authentication requirements of your country of destination to handling each step quickly, our embassy legalization services and process allows you to prepare for your trip and travel with confidence.

Why You Need a Professional Service for the Authentication of Documents

Have you been asked to go through the document legalization process for an overseas job or another corporate reason? It might seem overwhelming to understand the steps that you need to follow in order to obtain authenticated documents, but don’t worry because you don’t need to do everything on your own! Here at US Authentication Services, we offer a full-service program to take care of this process from start to finish. You don’t need to lift a finger! Simply call us with the details, and we will take care of everything for you.

What is the Authentication of Documents?

This process is requested by various companies in order to ensure that the documents you are providing are accurate and valid. There are many situations where people attempt to provide false documents, which is why the businesses request the verification process to ensure that your paperwork is accurate. With this paperwork, they are verifying your work eligibility as well as other information such as the date/place of birth and whether or not you obtained your diploma.

When requesting  US Department of State Certification, you will need to talk with someone in the Office of Authentications at the US Department of State to have a government official can sign the document to provide the verification that is needed. In some cases, you might work with a Notary Public who signs the document to ensure the validity.

How To Authenticate Documents?

When you are requesting authentication services from US Department of State, someone needs to be present to stand in line in order to gain the authentication that is needed. You don’t need to fly to Washington DC to take care of this process, because we will handle it for you! Simply mail us the information that is needed, you are provided with a quote and an explanation of the process which we will initiate to get your documents certified. Once you send us all the required documentation, we will take the documents to the applicable agencies in Washington DC, stand in line and obtain the proper authorizations for your documents.

Once the documents are certified, we will quickly mail the documents back to you to offer a fast turnaround time. Contact us today to learn more about the authentication services that are available from our company.

What is Document Legalization?

Are you in need of document legalization? As a United States citizen or if you have obtained your education inside the United States, you might be required to go through the process of attestation of certificates from USA if you are planning to work abroad. This process is usually associated with requirements countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. Or, you might need attestation services for commercial or personal documents as well.

Steps for Attesting Documents

There are several steps that need to be followed in order to go through the attestation process. For example, you might need document legalization from foreign embassies within the USA. Additionally, prior to submitting documents to embassies these documents first need to be certified by the appropriate State and Federal authorities first.  

It is important that you get clear information from the person requesting the document attestation, in order to ensure that you are providing the correct information. Then, talk with a company that offers services to help with the legalization of documents, so that you understand the types of attestation services that are available.

Why Work With a Licensed Company

There are many benefits to hiring a professional service to handle this process for you. First of all, you will receive personalized attention so that you can have the peace of mind to know that everything is being handled correctly. Additionally, the service provider will be very familiar with the process, in order to reduce the possibilities of delays or mistakes being made during the document legalization process.

At US Authentication Services, we will provide you with everything that you need from start to finish. You will be able to save the time and effort of travelling to the state and federal government departments that handle document authorization. We can expedite the process, to ensure that you receive your certified documents in a timely manner.

Whether you are moving abroad or you need corporate operational or incorporation documents certified for submission, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about the services that are available.

Basic Steps to Apostille Documents

If you are moving abroad and you need to show your identification, academic and employment related documents, submitting or showing them by itself won’t be enough. For example, United States citizens who will be working in a program that offers English classes abroad will need to provide verified documents such as a background check and a Diploma in addition to other documents. This process of accessing certified documents can be quite time consuming, but it is often a necessary step in order to work with the company that has hired you.

What Does it Mean to Apostille a Document?

When you start working for a company such as an ESL service, they will likely ask for Apostille certification on your education and background check related documentation, which are certification seals are issued by the government and signed by a Notary Public or government official.

This process authenticates that the document is valid, so that the company can see that you are qualified to work. Each state has their own process for document verification, so you will need to learn about State Department Apostille to verify your documents.

How to Apostille Documents for Teachers

As a teacher, you will likely need to go through the Apostille process, and it can be a confusing system if you aren’t familiar with the requirements. If you are in another country, it can be expensive to fly back to the United States, which is why you should consider Apostille services instead of handling it on your own.

You don’t need to know how to Apostille an FBI background check, because the Apostille service will handle all the details for you . The process might include standing in line in Washington D.C. at the Federal and State Agencies and being familiar with the paperwork to know the forms that need to be submitted. The fastest and most cost-effective method is to work with a service that will Apostille documents for you.

Here at US Authentication Services, we are experts who can help you Apostille documents fast and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about the services that we offer.

Get Your US-issued Documents Authenticated from Anywhere in the World

At several points in life, one has to go through the tedious process of getting their documents verified for some reason or the other. Whether you need to get your educational diplomas verified, or your birth certificate, the process of attestation and certification of documents involves quite a bit of hassle. The issues of the process reach a whole new level when the documents need to be attested by the State and Federal departments in the US. One usually needs to go through this process when moving to a foreign country. Whether you need document attestation for UAE, or you are moving to South Korea to take a teaching job, documents will need to be verified.

Authentication Issues for US Citizens

Depending upon the part of world you are moving to, the authentication process varies. Embassy legalization procedures in particular, differ from country to country. A lot of time and effort is consumed in getting all the right documents attested in the right order, from all the right government agencies. The proceUS-issued Documents Authenticatedss gets even more complicated if you are an expat living abroad and need to get your documents verified from the US Department of State.

Consider the case if you plan to get document attestation for UAE while you currently reside in Belgium. All necessary documents must be sent to each of the many relevant authorities that deal with the separate steps of the document authentication process. Getting all of this done, while residing outside the United States, is unthinkably tough; which is why there are a number of companies that have come up with effective solutions for such cases.

Using a Document Authentication Service

Over the last few years, a number of companies have begun providing services to the public sector to enable them to get their documents attested and authenticated while sitting in their homes at peace. Upscale authentication service providers even offer to undergo all the necessary embassy legalization processes for their clients, literally doing all the foot work for the customer. These services have gained particular acclaim among expats who often need their documents authenticated within a short span of time. While living abroad, it is impractical for such people to visit the State and Federal Departments in Washington DC to go through the document authentication procedures. Being one of the more reputable authentication service providers in the United States, we at US Authentication Services offer top-notch services in the industry. Over the years, we have won the trust of people from many parts of the world due to our swift and efficient authentication procedures. Need document attestation for UAE, Korea, Brazil, etc? No problem; simply mail us the documents, and we will get them authenticated and delivered right back to you. No hassle, no worry!

In a Panic to Get an Apostille for Your Documents? Fret No More!

Moving from any country can be quite an ordeal. Along with all the usual issues, one also has to deal with the entire process of getting all their documents verified through the relevant authorities for document legalization purposes. Often, US citizens are working in another country, and then for whatever reason, they may need to move to yet another country. Even in this case, their documents must again be verified through the US Department of State. Living in Brazil and need to get an apostille on a diploma? Well, you are in for a world of pain.

Apostille Documents

People living in a country that is part of The Hague Legalization Treaty may find themselves needing apostille documents on an urgent basis from time to time. This can lead to a state of panic since apostilles for certain documents can only be acquired from the US State Department. What if you need that apostille on a diploma by the next few days? There is pretty much no way you can mail your documents to the State Department, get them apostilled, and receive them back, all within the span of a few days.

Employ an Apostille Service

The answer exists these days in the form of apostille services. Various service providers, including yours truly, offer the service to perform all the grunt work pertaining to the document legalization to get apostille documents. Once the process is complete, the apostilled documents are delivered right to your door. No reason to panic anymore if you need to get an apostille on an urgent basis, no matter which part of the world you’re located in.

Expedited Process

Compared to the time taken for the process to be completed in general, we at US Authentication Services ensure swift and timely processing of the apostille for all your documents. Being in the field for a number of years, we have developed a stellar reputation for making timely delivery of client documents, complete with apostille certificates. Situated in Washington DC, we carry your documents by hand to the State Department in order to protect your trust and get the process done in an expedited manner. The time taken to perform the service is always a major factor for clients choosing us over the rest of the many apostille services operating in the US today.

Whether you need an apostille certificate for your documents on an urgent basis and thus need to go for an apostille service, or you are an expat currently in another country and need to get apostilles; at US Authentication Services, we have developed a solid portfolio of various services successfully performed for clients from all over the world. Trust and reliability have always remained hallmarks with our service, so the safety and privacy of your apostille documents is ensured. Over the years, a number of customers who are satisfied with our services have submitted glowing testimonials, further cementing our reputation.

“I have received back the documents. Thank you very much for the impeccable service provided in a fast, efficient and safe mode. Appreciate your assistance in procuring the apostille to the 24 federal certificates. Very truly yours, Jose-Maria C, California”

How to Get an Apostille FBI Background Check the Easy Way

Whether you are moving out of the United States, or are an expat living abdepartment of State Apostilleroad and need to move to a different country, you’ll have to undergo a series of legal procedures to get your documents authenticated. This is done by the entities which issued the documents initially; in your case, the United States Government. Thought of as a lengthy, painful procedure by most, the authentication of documents is generally easier if your destination country is part of the Hague Legalization Convention. Since the treaty, all that is needed is a department of State Apostille on your documents and you are good to go.

What is an Apostille?

The Hague Legalization Convention is in force in 87 countries currently, and through the treaty, the requirement of legalization of documents for foreign public documents has been abolished for countries which are part of the Hague Convention. The authentication process is trimmed down to getting a department of state authentication through the issuance of an Apostille for the documents in question.

The Need for Criminal Background Checks

When heading to a different country for professional reasons, a Criminal Background Check is generally required by foreign governments. The check is basically a ‘rap sheet’ that is issued by the FBI if you have United States citizenship. Of course, whether you are an expat or leaving the United States, all necessary documents must be authenticated, including the FBI-issued Criminal Background Check. Teachers who are looking for ESL teaching opportunities abroad, in particular, often are required to get a department of state Apostille for their Criminal Background Check.

Assuming your destination country is part of the Hague Convention, an Apostille for FBI Background Check will be a requirement. Doing so can be a complicated process, involving various forms and the right fingerprint card, and then finally sending it all to the US Department of State to get an Apostille.

Making it Easy

Nobody would willingly want to endure the whole process of getting their criminal check authenticated. So how can you obtain an Apostille FBI background check the easy way? Simple, employ a reputed document authentication service to do all the grunt work for you! At US Authentication Services, we specialize in a variety of documents verification, authentication, and certification services, including getting an Apostille for FBI background checks in an efficient and reliable manner. All you need to do is send us the documents, and we will wait in all the required lines, obtain the necessary information, and finally deliver your documents, including the Apostille for FBI background checks; all for a nominal fee.

Besides making the process a breeze for you, you also save a ton of time. Normally, the process can take up to several weeks if you go through all the proper channels yourself; but since our offices are based right in Washington DC, we hand-carry your original FBI background check and get an Apostille for Department of State authentication. No matter which part of the world you live in, mail us the necessary documents for expedient authentication and Apostille, and we will send them back to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Document Authentication Services Can Save You Time and Headaches

Planning to move outside the US? Prepare for extensive document verification procedures then! When moving to a foreign country, intensive verification procedures must be undergone by the individual to ensure a smooth legal transition. This includes the attestation and authentication of documents by various agencies of the government.

While the process may not seem daunting at first, once you embark on your quest todocument authentication get all those diplomas and legal documents verified through both the federal and state agencies, and then the foreign embassy, you will begin to get an idea of the amount of time and effort that the process entails.

One of the primary issues is the location. Most embassies and the necessary government departments, through which various steps of document authentication are performed, are located in Washington DC. For attestation of documents, you will either need to be physically present at the DC offices, or go through a cumbersome process of repeatedly mailing and receiving your documents to and from various state, federal, and foreign agencies. Let’s take a look at the actual steps involved during document authentication.

The Chain Authentication Process

Basically a long paper chase involving the circulation of your documents through a series of government departments, while subsequent steps of certification and authentication of documents take place at each agency in a chronological order.

  • Authentication by Secretary of State where the documents are issued or get notarized.
  • Once certification from Secretary of State is obtained, US State Department authentication is obtained.
  • Embassy legalization process is undergone; the process varying depending upon the country of destination.

The aforementioned steps are generalized to give you an idea of what awaits you once you set out on the mission for document authentication. The process differs as per the types of documents you need to get attested. If, for example, you need to get a document authenticated that has been issued by a US District Court, you will also need to get an authentication seal on the documents from the US Department of Justice. If the country you are going to comes under The Hague Convention Treaty, you will need an Apostille. Certain countries require either a certificate of ‘Good Conduct’ or a Criminal Background check.

Save Yourself the Trouble!

At this point, the entire authentication and attestation of documents probably seems like a huge hassle; and you must be considering ways to make the whole process easier. Well, fret not! At US Authentication Services, we offer services that will enable you to get complete peace of mind while also saving you the effort and time that is generally required when one sets out for the authentication of documents before leaving the country. Our one-of-a-kind document authentication services ensure that all you have to do to complete the process from start to end; FedEx us the documents, and we will get them all authenticated and delivered right back to your doorstep.

Serving the industry for the last 3 years, we at US Authentication Services have developed an ironclad reputation for being able to authenticate and deliver client documents in the least amount of time possible.

Whether you need an Apostille, or need to get your educational diplomas certified, we guarantee a streamlined process through our reputed document authentication services without you needing to lift a finger once the documents are sent!

What is Document Authentication?

Document Authentication is a process which is used to refer to embassy legalization or chain authentication process for submission of documents in an international country. The process is initiated by an individual or a corporation when they are asked to submit their documents for legal purposes to the government of a foreign country.

International Governments need to be certain that the documents being presented to them are authentic or genuine for legal purposes. To be considered legitimate documents for submission to a Foreign Government the documents must first be certified by the Federal Government in the country of issue. However, in order to be certified by the Federal Government documents must be certified by the Secretary of State in which they originated. You can obtain this certification by presenting your document to the Secretary of State’s office at the Authentication Department or the Department of Notaries. Make sure to get the “Gold” or “Embossed seal” and mention the country in which you are going to submit your documents.

Once you are past State level certification your documents are ready to be submitted to the office of authentications at the US State Department. This process normally takes approximately 4 business days when the documents are submitted in person. Once certified through this step, the documents are ready to be submitted to the Embassy of the country in which they are intended for final submission.

Most Embassies or consulates are located in Washington DC and the requirements are normally listed on the website including the fees.

US Authentication Services is a company which provides Document Authentication services and handles all of the above steps for clients and corporations to ensure the certifications are carried out in the correct manner and in the right sequence. Visit the company website at for more details.

What is Document Attestation?

Document Attestation is a name which is used interchangeably with Document Authentication outside the United States. Basically the process is the same and is used to refer to a person or usually on official attesting to the signature of an individual or an official who has signed on the document.

Document attestation starts with the certification of a document at the state level.

An important note for clients located outside of the United States is that, you should have your vital documents such as Marriage and Birth Certificates certified by the Secretary of the state at the time of issue if you are in a position to do so or have a friend or family member carry out that process for you . This will save you a lot of time down the road in getting your documents certified for use in an international country.

Many international clients and corporations rely on US Authentication Services where the expert staff is familiar with the requirements and timelines for getting documents certified for use in countries all over the world. Using the advice of a professional  can lead to not only the correct documents to be used as per your requirements but can save you valuable time and money when you are in need of getting your foreign residence established or entering into a foreign agreement with a corporation outside the United States.

Common types of documents attested include University Diplomas and degrees, Vital documents such as marriage and birth certificates, Power of Attorney’s, Background checks, Articles of incorporation, Board Resolutions, Appointment of Directors, Partnership and Corporate Agreements and many more.

Please visit or contact them at to get your questions answered.